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City and Guilds: Entry Level 3 Award, Level 1 Award & Level 2 Certificate in Cycle Mechanics

Entry Level 3

081 Remove and replace cycle wheels, tyres and inner tubes

082 Remove and replace cycle brake blocks

083 Lubricate and tension a single speed cycle chain

084 Remove and replace cycle saddles, seatposts and adjust handlebars

085 Clean and prepare a cycle for use

Level 1

181 Level 1 Repair a cycle puncture

182 Level 1 Remove and replace a cycle rim brake assembly

183 Remove and replace a cycle gear assembly

184 Level 1 Carry out a systematic cycle Check

Level 2

283 Level 2 Remove and replace cycle gear systems

284 Level 2 Remove and replace cycle hub bearings

285 Level 2 Remove and replace cycle bottom brackets and cranks

286 Level 2 Build a cycle wheel

287 Level 2 Prepare frames and forks for cycle assembly

288 Level 2 Augment a cycle

289 Level 2 Change a cycle frame

290 Level 2 Service cycle headsets

Costs (From Sept. 2019)

Entry Level 3 £410 (5 week course)

Level 1 £560 (7 week course)

Level 2 Certificate £960 (14 week course)

Courses typically run one day a week between 9:30am-3:00pm

(N.B In order to complete Level 2, Level 1 must be completed already)

AQA Unit Award Introduction to Cycle Maintenance

1. Locate the puncture in the inner tube

2. Repair the puncture using a puncture repair kit

3. Undo a quick release wheel

4. Remove a damaged tyre using tyre levers

5. Three parts:

Replace a brake cable correctly

Adjust callipers appropriately

Adjust pads appropriately

6. Two parts:

Replace a gear cable

Tune the gears to work efficiently

7. Check the headset for movement and tighten if necessary

8. Two parts:

Fit a crank set correctly

Fit pedals correctly

9. How to set a bike stand to the correct working height

10. Three parts:

Correct use of cable adjusters

Correct use of tyre levers

Correct use of spanners

11. Two parts:

How to wash a bike correctly

How to lubricate a bike correctly

12. Working in a cycle maintenance workshop environment

£250 (10  week course; one day a week for 1.5hrs) 

Short Courses


‘M’ Safety Check. A 30 point check to identify issues, condition and function of your bicycle


(Time Approx. 2hrs)


‘M’Check- 30 Point Safety Check

Puncture repair; tube replacement, Quick Release and nut and bolt wheel removal

Brakes; pad alignment and cable adjust

Gear indexing

Cleaning and maintaining


(Time Approx. 4hrs)


‘M’Check- 30 Point Safety Check

Brakes; pad alignment, cable adjust, centring calipers, pad removal and installation, and removing and replacing inner brake cables

Gears;  indexing, limit screws, b-adjustment screw and removing and replacing inner cables

Chains; wear, breaking, measuring, installing Quick Links and rivets


Time Approx. 8hrs total)

Bespoke Build (Learn how to do individual removals and fitting of components on your bike. Bring your own parts or buy from us)

Level 1 (Choose 2)

Fitting rear derailleurs and hanger alignment

Fitting front derailleurs

Handle bar tape and bar set up

Replacing cables on brakes

Replacing cables on gears

Fitting pedals


£30 (Time Approx. 2hrs)

(N.B if there is something different you want to learn and combine, please ask)

Level 2 (Choose 1)

Removing and fitting bottom brackets and cranks

Removing and fitting headsets (threaded and threadless)

Cleaning, inspecting and adjusting cup and cone hub bearings

Removing and installing cartridge hub bearings

£35 (Time Approx. 2hrs)

Level 3

 Wheel Truing

£35 (Time Approx. 2hrs)

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