Buy a Second Hand Bike


Once our students have gained their AQA Award, they help refurbish second hand bikes.

We sell a range of bikes for all ages, and you can test ride them before you buy. If you would like to buy a bike you can contact us to arrange an appointment. You can also view/buy our bikes through Ebay. We are based in Twickenahm.

Why buy a second hand bike?

First of all, you can save a lot of money buying a second hand bike. Having a second hand bike with quality parts, and the essentials replaced (brake pads, cables, cassette and chain) can make a second hand bike feel like a new bike from the start.

Why else?

A number of people have indicated that they want a run-of-the-mill bike to cycle to the shops, a bike that they don’t need to be too precious with. Having a bike that is not too flashy will avoid drawing too much attention from potential thieves, which is a bonus when locking up your bike in a secluded area.

How do I know the bike is not stolen?

We check the frame numbers of all bikes to see if they are stolen, missing etc. We use an online database free to the public and used by the police:

We’ve even reunited a couple of bikes to their owners!

How do I know I am getting a safe bike in good working order?

We do a 30 point ‘M’ Safety check on all our bikes to determine what condition they are in when we receive them and whether they are safe to ride. We tighten parts and then change faulty or worn out parts. Generally we will tend to replace cables, cable housing and brakes pads on all our bikes.

What others say

The ride home was a dream thanks to yourself and your team of students! Good to know your not far away if any problems crop up.
Thanks again,
– Jack

Hi Laurence, I have been out on the bike a few times now – 10 miles the last time! It is great thank you – I love it! Tell your boys they did a great job.
Many thanks
– Diane

The bike is great thanks – its the best bike I’ve had, is a joy to ride and is running very smoothly…
– Nat

Very pleased with item and the Comms from this friendly ebayer. First class.- Ebay user

The bike’s been professionally refurbed & the seller is a pleasure to deal with- Ebay user

Very satisfied with product. Buy with confidence. The bike is immaculate- Ebay user


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