We offer every student an attainable qualification and a clear career path


We offer the City and Guilds ‘Entry Level 3’, ‘Level 1’ and ‘Level 2’ Certificate in Cycle Mechanics (Entry Level 3 and Level 1 available individually or together)

The benefits of the City and Guilds awards and certificate that we offer can directly lead students into the transport industry. It is part of the QCF internationally recognised framework. Students wanting to move onto motor mechanics or engineering have some of the following options:

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair VRQ

Vehicle Parts VRQ

Motor Vehicle Systems IVQ

Body and Paint Maintenance and Cycle Mechanics VRQ. It also can lead onto:

Engineering Maintenance NVQ Level 2 and Manufacture Apprenticeships.

City and Guilds:

“Achieving an introductory automotive qualification gives the background knowledge you need to advance onto a Level 2 or Level 3 apprenticeship.” 

“Cycling in the UK has undergone a renaissance over the past five years, with an increasing number of people taking to the streets of the UK by bike, mainly because of pleasure, health, fitness or business reasons (for example, couriers and other delivery companies).”

“Due to the increased use of technology in the production of the current cycles, cyclists are turning to professional cycle mechanics to carry out the regular maintenance and repair of their bikes.”

“In addition, the valuable transferable technical skills gained will allow them to consider the possibility of embarking into an apprenticeship in other sector areas such as the motor vehicle industry or engineering manufacturing…”

(see full list of qualifications in the transport industry here.)


We offer the Introduction to Cycle Maintenance Unit Award, which is an entry level award.

We offer courses that are accessible and enjoyable to all students

Many students with SEN do not continue in education, training or employment because the curriculum or programmes do not interest them or are not at the right level for them. The aim of the scheme is to successfully tackle this problem through the courses we offer. Our surveys show that:

100% of students enjoyed the course and 100% of students liked the small groups, working with one other student.

Over half (56%) could see themselves going onto mechanics or motor car mechanics with 20% saying maybe.

Over half (54%) would like to be, or consider being a mentor to new students joining the course.

48% would consider doing another course in cycle maintenance, 44% saying maybe.

Our aim is not to just give young people a certificate but a chance to work in a nurturing, mentored environment with a few other students. We found that students really liked the small groups where they worked with just one other student.





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